The Me Behind Baby & Me

The Me Behind Baby & Me

May 05, 2023

Hello! My name, for those of you that don't know me, is Abby. I have a wonderful husband and daughter, that I absolutely adore. My husband and I have been together since I got out of high school, and while he was in the Marine Corps we practiced long distance. We settled down and started our family in 2022 here in Lincoln County. 


Before starting Baby & Me Boutique, I worked in the Public Accounting and Finance sector for 5 years. I started Baby & Me Boutique while pregnant with our daughter, Etta, because I spent so much time looking for the safest and softest clothing for her. But as most parents know, often times you are put in a position where you feel you either have to compromise on quality items for your child because of the cost or take out a small loan to afford the best. The items in particular that I was struggling to justify the costs for, are bamboo sleepers. I could not justify spending $60.00 on a single sleeper-so I now sell them for $25.00! But I could not have achieved any of this without the guidance and support of Shayla.


So, as we've established, I run the Baby & Me portion of Wilbur & Me Boutique + Affiliates. What you guys may not know, is that I've known Shayla since we were 8 years old, and we have been inseparable ever since. Shayla and I attended different school districts and lived 30 minutes away from one another, but you did not find one of us without the other. When college came around, we lived together. When we each bought our houses, we were each other's interior designers. When I got married, she was beside me every step of the way. And now she is my daughter's godmother. We are both so passionate about what we do here and I couldn't imagine being in business with anyone else.


Thank you for reading this far if you have! Every purchase you make goes into supporting my dreams of staying home with my baby and running a business with my best friend.