The Me Behind Wilbur & Me

The Me Behind Wilbur & Me

April 03, 2019

Hey, hi, hello! For those of you that do not know me, I am Shayla! I am the sole owner of Wilbur & Me Boutique. I am from the small town of Troy, Missouri. I attend the University of Missouri-Columbia and am pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Agriculture with three emphasis areas: Agribusiness Management, Animal Science, and Agricultural Education and Leadership.  

I hate talking about myself, so I will just jot down a few fun facts about me:

• I am extremely family oriented, and in my free time you can almost always find me with family or friends. 

• My happy place is outside. Whether it be swimming, taking my dogs to the dog park, trap shooting, sitting around a bonfire, spending the day at the farm... you get the hint. 

• I have two dogs, Benelli and Jack. Benelli is my black lab and Jack is yellow lab. Both of them are spoiled endlessly and are my two little shadows. 

• My favorite show is Fixer Upper. 

While this boutique has absolutely nothing to do with my major (or three minors) degree, I have seven full sized closets completely full (yikes). When I founded Wilbur & Me Boutique, I wanted to create a platform that made shopping not only easier for people, but affordable. There is nothing worse than seeing a cute shirt or cute dress, just to turn the price tag around and think "oh heck no." With Wilbur & Me, you won't have that feeling!